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Zack Taylor
Power Rangers (2017)

Queenie Goldstein
Fantastic Beasts

Credence Barebone
Fantastic Beasts

Joshua "Jasper" Dyllen
Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Morgan Yu


James T. Kirk
Star Trek

Edmund Pevensie
Chronicles of Narnia

Bridgitte Fitzgerald
Ginger Snaps

Godspeaker Trilogy

Ultraman Orb


Gellert Grindelwald
Harry Potter

Roy Harper

Last of Us

Kira Izuru

Hank "Beast" McCoy
Ultimate X-Men

Atticus O'Sullivan
Iron Druid

Hank "Beast" McCoy

Penelope Garcia
Criminal Minds

Bruce Banner


Jan. 2nd, 2014 04:30 pm
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2014... It's official, it's now 10 years since I left high school.

6 months ago that thought had me disgusted and terrified. I remember driving home one evening and realizing that the coming school year would be the mark of a full decade since I left high school. That was enough to send me into a vicious "sneaky hate spiral" a downward spin of increasingly dark thoughts about how high school reunions are supposed to be a chance for the underdogs and the downtrodden to show what they've accomplished.

What had I accomplished?

Absolutely. Nothing.

It wasn't a conscious decision then, really it wasn't. But in the months since then so much has happened, so many changes. Outwardly, looking at the stark facts of my life, it doesn't seem like anything is different. The changes have been almost all within myself.

I still live in the house I grew up in as a child, I still live with my mother even. I'm still unemployed and uninsured. I am happier than I have been in a long time, I am making positive changes in my life, and, most importantly, I am no longer hopeless and terrified of the future.

Oh, certainly, there are still days when I have to wonder and doubt... maybe there always will be days like that. But those are fewer and growing even more infrequent as time goes on. I have a real, solid, tangible goal with my schooling for the first time in three years. I am below 300lbs for the first time in nearly three years. I have taken time for myself for the first time.... possibly in my life. My best friend has become my girlfriend, my lover, my precious.

My days are no longer comprised of sitting in front of the computer for hours on end desperate for acknowledgement and approval from people I have never met and likely never will. My life no longer revolves around the expectations of the DWRP community. It revolves around me. My wants, my needs, my responsibilities.

I have made so many changes in my life, in my habits, in my opinions and perceptions of myself over the last months. I do not want to return to where I was six months ago. If I have to have a resolution for the new year it is simply that I want to continue to improve. I want to become a better person and help make the people around me better people too. I want to continue to live my life positively and not fall back into the self destructive, negative thoughts that have ruled me for so many years.

I know I have made commitments that I have failed in the past, I know I have gotten in over my head more times than I can count over the last months and I know I have let a lot of you down. I am sorry for that, for my inconsistency and unpredictablility for so long now. I want all of you to know that I appreciate the time you've given me. I have enjoyed playing with all of you, I have enjoyed threads with so many of you. I will forever be a nerd and a fangirl. I will always be a writer at heart. But there is so much else in my life right now that is more important. That is better for me.

So this is, in a way, a very long winded PSA but also a little insight into where I am right now and why. I love RP, I enjoy writing with you all... but it is all going to be very slow and sporadic from here out. I have other obligations, other things that need to come first. Myself, my friends, my family... things that I have neglected for far too long. I am not going to be able to maintain any games and it's not fair to you all for me to even try. As much fun as it sounds I'm not going to give up the progress I've made and that means devoting more time to myself.

Thank you all so much.
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A drabble for Wyn regarding Bruce and contentment

It started as discipline. As a way to ensure that he could maintain that careful control of his body. He could run hard through city streets or mountain trails, he could experience pain, he could take fear and doubt and transform them into tools to keep the monster at bay. It had taken years and he had learned a great many forms as he had done it. The joint locks of Jiu-Jitsu, the fluid motion of capoeira's ginga, the swift decisiveness of krav maga, and the gentle precision of t'ai chi's taolu. They were all familiar to him, even if the use of the more violent forms had waned while his control grew. It was still a way to center himself to use the motion of his body to remind himself, even here in the bustle of the city, that he could control it.

He watched the sun rise over the sleepy city as he moved from one familiar stance to another, as he grew warm with exertion and felt his heart rate increase but also knew in the serenity of the moment that he had nothing to fear. Not here, not in the quiet solitude of his rooftop perch, not with people that were the closest things to friends that he had known in more years than he could count below him beginning their days. There was a routine to the building now. Steve would be back from a morning spent trying to outrun his past any moment, Tony and Clint bickering around the coffee pot as they waited for the precious "life sustaining elixir of the gods", Natasha in a rare moment of rumpled imperfection as she deftly stepped between the bickering men to steal the first cup of coffee before the pot had even finished brewing and vanishing back to her room. Tony would only manage half a cup before Pepper swooped in, graceful as ever, to argue and flirt in equal measure.

And that would be his cue, freshly showered and with a sachet of tea ready to brew. Not that he'd ever use a whole pot but Steve and Thor were both increasingly curious about his tea habits and he'd begun brewing enough for all three of them. If Thor had bothered to crawl out of bed at this hour of the morning, that is.

Idly he had to wonder if the peace this particular discipline brought him was the same as the comfort Tony found in his machines or the way the strain of the years eased from Steve's face when he could take the time to sit down and put pencil to paper. In all the years that it had taken him to establish this particular routine it had never brought that kind of peace before but maybe here, now, knowing with exacting certainty what he would find when he went back inside, knowing that people he trusted, people he might even consider friends, were waiting for him to start their days with him... finally able to embrace in some small way what had happened to him, no longer running from himself or his past... perhaps this was what contentment was.
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Title: All That's Left
Canon: X-Men: First Class
Characters: Hank mostly but everyone really
Word Count: 641
Summary: In which they realize there aren't even pieces left to pick up.

Nothing left to work on, nothing left to save )
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Title: Strange Comforts
Canon: Avengers- movieverse
Characters: Stark Spangled Banner
Word Count: 2014
Summary: Part 2! In which Bruce panics, Steve realizes some things, and Tony realizes shit needs fixing. (Part 1 is here)

Gonna see things you might not wanna see... still not that easy for me )
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Title: Strange Comforts
Canon: Avengers- movieverse
Characters: Stark Spangled Banner
Word Count: 1939
Summary: Only I can see lovely Tony/Steve art and get Bruce feels from it.


Read more... )
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Title: Stark Reality
Canon: Avengers- movieverse
Characters: Stark Spangled Banner
Word Count: 1929
Summary: Tony and Steve have had enough with Bruce's self-imposed isolation... so they make him an offer which, coming from Tony, is more like a demand.
Warnings: shamelessly smutty
Tony well and truly rewrote the laws of possibility, of reality, to suit his needs and right now Bruce Banner was his need. )
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Title: Bitter Spite
Canon: Avengers- movieverse
Characters: Bruce, Tony, Steve
Summary: Just a little drabble of Bruce's thoughts when Tony pokes him in the movie.

The shock of that little prod made him jump, startled him, and the associated physical responses were as expected. A brief, small elevation of heart rate, a gasp, and the immediate "Ow!" Even though it hadn't really hurt, not enough for the reaction it got. The word was barely out of his mouth before he was smiling though, fighting back a laugh as he immediately shot a glare over his shoulder at Tony. The other man had intrigued him up till that point but suddenly, in that one moment, he felt more free than he had in almost a decade.
When was the last time someone was confident enough, comfortable enough, brave enough to tease him. It was a friendly, playful curiosity, a small challenge, the kind of thing that happened on a daily basis in his graduate lab, back when he was young, playful..... safe. For that moment, even with Tony giving him that intense, curious stare... he felt surprisingly human.
Then Steve was storming over, being the voice of reason, reminding Tony of what he was playing with. Tony wasn't the one that needed reminding though, was he. No, Tony was playing with fire and that was why he did it, he enjoyed the thrill but it was no different from the way he'd test anyone else with his mannerisms. He poked and prodded and tried to draw people out of their shells, it was just how he was, so overflowing with life that he felt the need to pull everyone up to his level, to wheedle and get under their skin.
It was the reason he challenged Steve for interrupting even, accusing him.
No, Tony didn't need the reminder... He did. He was the one playing along, the one enjoying that little moment of normalcy, the one letting himself react like anyone else instead of immediatly telling Tony what Steve was telling him now. To stop.
He wondered what Steve would say if he knew. Knew that the waver in his control was not because of Tony's antics but because of Steve's response. No offense he says and Bruce flashes a weak awkward smile, a pained look that he can't understand why he's not called on it, waving a hand, dismissing the words.
That didn't change the fact that they stung, that they made that bitter, angry part of himself flare hot through his mind. "The only word that matters" Bullshit. Good ol Steve, always pleasant and polite and trusting but he was the practical one, the soldier. He thought first of his crew and that meant that whatever he wanted his personal opinion to be Bruce would always be a threat, a danger, one more thing to watch out for. If he was going to be damned for the beast within no matter what he did then why did he always try so damned hard.
He knew why, of course he did, and every time he lost control the regret was a little bit keener, made the ache in his chest a little bit sharper. But even so... It hurt, though he should be used to it after this many years, it hurt and it made him spitefully want to prove them right, show them the thing they feared. 
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Just a quick little DC drabble I'm almost afraid to post this. Um... smut? Though pretty tame as far as that goes.  /hides

Countdowns and Crossed Wires )


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